Meltblown Nonwoven

Meltblown Nonwoven

BFE 95% & 99% Face Mask Material MeltBlown Nonwoven For N95, KF94 Mask, Medical Masks, Surgical Mask & Disposable Mask And Medical Protective Clothing.

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Teflex is Manufacturer Nano PTFE Reusable For N95, KF94, Medical Mask & Disposable Face Mask. Also We Supply Kinds 20-100 Gram Weight (GSM) 95% & 99% Meltblown Nonwoven For N95, KF94 Mask, Hospital Mask, Surgical Mask. 

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency:

99% | 95% 

Gram Weight/GSM

20 | 25 | 30 | 40 | 50 


175 | 250 | 280

available customs

Face Mask Type:


Disposable Mask

N95 Mask | KN95 Mask | FFP2/3 Mask


Medical Mask | Surgical Mask 

MOQ: 5000KGS

Nano PTFE Membrane Melt Blown Fabric
Dia 100-200 nm Dia 3-100 um
Low Pressure Drop  High Pressure Drop
Temp:≤250℃ Temp:≤150℃
Physical Electret 
Reusable Disposable
20 Days 4 Hours
Washable No
20-50 GSM 25-50 GSM
BFE 95%-99.9% BFE 90%-99%
PFE 95-99.9% PFE 85-99%
Ageing Resistant No
 UV Resistance No


Question 1:

C: Where Can I Buy Melt Blown Nonwoven For Mask Material?

A: Teflex Supply BFE 95% & 95% For N95, Medical, Surgical Mask etc.

Question 2:

C: When Teflex Dispatch the Melt Blown ?

A: Please contact 

Question 3:

C: Are Teflex Microfiber Melt Blown Non Woven Supplier?

A: Teflex Supplier 99% High Filtration Nano PTFE Reusable New Mask Material

Replace Middle of Mask Meltblown Nonwoven For All Medical Companies,

Face Mask Supplier & Medical Protective Clothing Manufacturers In The World.

Question 4:

C: How About the Capacity?

A: 1-2 Tons/Day.


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