PTFE Butterfly Valve Seats
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  • PTFE Butterfly Valve Seats

PTFE Butterfly Valve Seats

Material: Virgin | Filled PTFE
Custom: As Drawing
Application: Butterfly Valves
Certificate: PTFE FDA Approval
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PTFE is one of the Butterfly Valve Seat MaterialsPTFE Butterfly Valve Seats Are Available in Pure or Reinforced PTFE to Meet Specific Requirements for Different Working Environments. PTFE Seats Excellent Chemical Resistance, High-Temperature Resistance, Self-lubrication, and Low Friction Properties of PTFE Make It a General Material for Valve Seats.


pH 0-14


  • White (Virgin PTFE)

  • Black/Blue/Fawn (Filled PTFE)

Certificate: PTFE FDA Approval 

Temperature Range -200°C to + 250°C

Material: Virgin PTFE | Filled PTFE with EPDM 

PTFE Butterfly Valve Types

  • Wafer | Lug Style Type

  • Flanged | Sanitary Butterfly Types

  • Single Offset | Double Offset |Triple Offset


  • Acids | Ultra Pure Water

  • Highly Corrosive | Toxic Media 

  • Corrosive Mediums | Acids | Bases 

Teflex Supply Custom Butterfly Valve Seats as well as Manufacturing Reinforced & Virgin PTFE Ball Valve Seats for you.



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