ePTFE Laminated Membrane
  • ePTFE Filter Membrane

ePTFE Laminated Membrane

Material: Expanded PTFE
Media: Air | Fluids
Laminated: PET | PP
Application: Filtration Industry
Custom: Pore Sizes | Porosity Filter
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ePTFE Filtration Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Membranes Laminated with a Kinds of Traditional Filter Materials Including Woven Fabrics, Needle Felts, Filter Paper, As Well As with New Filter Materials Such As PET, PP, Glassfiber.

ePTFE Filter Laminate Membrane with Excellent Aging, High-Temperature & Chemical Resistance, Superior Tensile and Break Mechanical Properties to Improve Filtration Efficiency and Reduces Production Costs.


  • Reduced Shedding & Low Leachate

  • High Air Permeability | Low-Pressure Drop

  • No Surface Shedding & Mechanical Strength

  • Excellent Chemical | High-Temperature Resistance

  • Retain Small Particles & Remove Microbial Aerosols


  • Gases | Solvents

  • Acid | Alkali Chemicals

  • Food Pharmaceuticals


PTFE Hydrophobic Membrane
Standard mm 200-1200
Wall Thickness mm 0.08-0.3
Aperture um 0.05-5
Porosity % >85
Temperature °C -250 to 250
Efficiency % 85-99.99


PTFE Hydrophilic Membrane
Standard mm 200-1200
Wall Thickness mm 0.08-0.3
Aperture um 0.1-100
Porosity % 50-95
Temperature °C -250 to 250
Efficiency m³/m².hr 85-99.99

Teflex will Supply Custom Pore Sizes, Dimensions and Porosity Filter Membrane to Meet Different Applications for You.


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