PTFE Envelope Gasket
  • PTFE Envelope Gaskets

PTFE Envelope Gasket

L | Y | C Types Composed with CANF/Rubber/Graphite Gasket

Types: Slit | Milled | Double
Inlay Material: Rubber | CNAF | SS Corrugated
Max Size: Whole OD 1M | Joint Also
Custom Made: As Drawing
Applications: Glass Lined Pipe | Distillation Columns | Reactor Vessels
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Teflex PTFE Envelope Gaskets Are One Of the PTFE Gasket Type Without Inlay Gasket Material And The Gasket Will Prepare For By The Customer.

Teflex Can Provide Envelope Gaskets of Various Types As Standard And Custom Sizes. Also We are available Inlay Gasket According To The Request From Our Clients Metal And Non-metal And More.

PTFE Envelope Gasket Types

   Full Cover Envelope: Inlay Gasket OD

   Half Cover Envelope: Inlay Gasket OD


  • Glass Lined Equipment

  • Desalination Water Industry

  • Food and Chemical Industries

  • Resistance Strong Acids Alkalis


  • Temperature: -100°C - 250°C

  • Size: 1/2"~24" | DIN15 ~DN600

  • Standard: ASMEB16.21 | DIN | JIS



  • FDA 21 | EU1935/2010

PTFE Envelope Gaskets Types Cross Section

The Inlay Gasket Material

Non-Asbestos Sheet Is the Most Use Gasket Material with PTFE Envelope Than Rubber, Asbestos, Virgin PTFE, Expanded PTFE, Graphite Etc.

The Asbestos Sheet Is Manufactured From Asbestos Material And Other Fiber, But This Material Damages The Environment And Affect People's Health And Forbid By Most Countries.

Non-asbestos Sheet Is Made From Aramid Pulp, Inorganic & Organic Fiber Bonded With Rubber. Used For The Equipment In Oil, Water, and Steam As Well As Sealing Material In The Joints Of Pipeline And More.

Normal Color: Black With Some White, Blue, Or Green-White & As Your Request.

Gasket Sheet Material: Available With Tin Steel, SS304, Wire Mesh Insertion, Etc.


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