PTFE Ball Valve Seats
  • Virgin & Filled PTFE Ball Valve Seats

PTFE Ball Valve Seats

Materials: FiberGlass | Carbon | Graphite
Temperature: -200°C to + 250°C
Certificate: FDA | RoHS | MSDS
Custom: As Drawing
Application: Ball Valves
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PTFE is one of the Ball Valve Seat Materials with Ultra-low Friction, Excellent Chemical Resistance and a Wide Range of Temperatures Compared to Other Valve Seat Materials. Food Grade PTFE Valve Seats Can Be Used in the Pharmaceutical and Food Processing Industries. PTFE Filled with Glass Fiber, Carbon Fiber, Graphite, Bronze, Molybdenum Disulfide, PEEK Valve Seat Materials Are Suitable for High Demand Valve Loads.



  • Virgin PTFE

  • Filled PTFE

  1. Fiberglass | Carbon | MoS2

  2. Graphite | Bronze | PEEK


  • White (Virgin PTFE)

  • Offwhite/Black/Blue (Filled PTFE)

pH 0-14

Certificate: FDA | RoHS | MSDS

Temperature Range: -200°C to + 250°C


  • Low Coefficient of Friction 

  • Wide Range of Temperatures

  • Self-lubricating | Wear Resistant

  • Excellent Resist Corrosion & Chemical 



  • Ball Valves


  • Highly Corrosive | Toxic Media

  • Acids | Ultra Pure Water



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