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Supply Virgin Skived Approved FDA21, Etched One Side and Filled PTFE Thin Film. PTFE Film Roll and Square are Both Acceptable.

Technology: Skived
Thin Film: Min Thk 0.03mm
Etched: One Side
Packing: Roll / Pcs
Application: Food | Electrical
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Teflex Skived PTFE Film Is Made Of Die-pressed PTFE Blanks And Has Excellent Dielectric Performance And Weathering.

PTFE Thin Film is a Non-orientated Film And May Be Pressed To Become Orientated Or Orientated Film, I.E. Suede Pads, Seals And Lubricating Materials In Various Media. Also,

Teflex Supply Glass/Carbon/Graphite/Bronze/Mos2 Filled With PTFE Film Tape To Improve Temperature, Hardness & Wear Resistant.

Filled PTFE Film Can Also Become Insulating Pieces Under Various Frequencies, A Capacitor Medium, Conductor Insulator And Insulation For Electricity Meters. We can Supply Etched Ptfe Film On On Side Too.


  • Excellent Machining

  • Low Friction & Non-Stick

  • Good Electrical insulation

  • Minimal Water Absorption

  • High Working Temperatures

  • Acid and Chemical Resistant


  • Density: 2.1 ~ 2.3g/cm³

  • Tensile Strength: ≥ 14.0Mpa

  • Ultimate Elongation: ≥ 150%

  • Size: Min Thickness 0.05 mm ​​​​​​


  • Approved FDA21 CFR177

  • Supply PTFE Material MSDS


  • PCBs & Flexible Circuits

  • Capacitor Films & Diaphragms

  • Fuel Cell Seals And Separators

  • Electrical Insulation Components

  • Surface Protection Liners & Gasket

  • Solar Panel (Photovoltaic) Modules 

  • Expansion of Joint Liners And Sleeves

  • Protective Liners & Cable Harnesses

  • Semiconductor Processing Components

Also We Supply PTFE Film Silicone Tape, Filled PTFE & Etched PTFE Film As a Request. PTFE Film Roll and Square Packing are Both Acceptable.


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