Expanded PTFE Gasket
  • ePTFE Gasket

Expanded PTFE Gasket

Teflex Expanded PTFE Gaskets Are Soft PTFE Gaskets By 100% Multidirectional Virgin PTFE Material (Polytetrafluoroethylene). ePTFE Gasket Material FDA 21 CFR177.1550, MSDS PTFE, RoHS Approved TUV

Gasket Types: RF & FF Flange Gasket
Custom Gasket: As Your Drawing
Max Gasket Size: Max OD 2000mm
Cutting Tool: Automatic Cutting Machine
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Expanded PTFE Gasket Will Cut From Expanded PTFE Sheet By The Laser Cutter Or Gasket Die, The ePTFE Gasket Material Has A High Tensile Strength, Flexibility, Hardness, And Thermal Resistance, ePTFE Gasket With Excellent Material Use For Distillers, Pharmaceutical,Piping And Equipment In Chemical, Pulp, And Paper, Food, And Beverage.


  • Excellent Chemical Resistance.

  • Soft Flexible |  Light Clamping Force to Seal.

  • Easy Cutting | Normal Scissors | Knives Only Can Be Processed.

  • High-Intensity Fibrosis,3D Structure. Which Greatly Reduce The Cold Flow Creep.


  • FDA Certification: FDA 21 CFR177.1550

  • Tested According To EC 1907/2006 REACH

  • Comply With The Requirement of RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU RoHS 2.0

  • Tested According To The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200):PTFE MSDS

Standard & Size:

  • Type Of Gasket 

          Raised Face Flange Gasket

          Flat Face Flange Gasket


  • 10K 20A JIS

  • 10" 150 Class ASME B 16.21

  • DN15 PN 40 DIN 2690 / EN 1514-2 IBC

Expanded PTFE Gasket Data Sheet:

Color: White
Temperature Range: -350 to 600°F (-212 to 316°C)
Pressure Max: 1800 psig (124 bar)
Fluid Services: Steam, Strong Acids, Strong Caustics,   Aqueous, Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride
             Density:               0.8 g/cm3 (49.9 lbs./ft3)
       Compressibility          ASTM F36: 50% 
              Recovery               ASTM F36: 12%

Expanded PTFE Gasket Inquiry Example:

Size Class Qty
2"-RF 150# 100
4"-FF 300# 50
6"-RF 600# 100
8"-FF 900# 50
10"-RF 1500# 100
12"-FF 2500# 50

Teflex Gasket Available Custom Made Expanded PTFE Gasket As Drawing.

Also, We Can Provide Expanded PTFE Sheet | PTFE Joint Sealant | ePTFE Gasket Tape, Etc.


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