PTFE Filler Tape
  • PTFE Filler Tape For Spiral Wound Gasket

PTFE Filler Tape

PTFE Filler Tape is One of Resistance Low & High Temperature Spiral Wound Gasket Materials For Clear Working Condition

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Teflex As One of the Spiral Wound Gasket Filler Materials, PTFE Filler Tape is Made of 100% PTFE, We Can Supply Two Kinds of Normal PTFE Filler. Density 0.8g/cm³ This PTFE Filler Material Ensures a Better Seal in the Irregular Unlawful Surface, if You Want a Spiral Wound Gasket with Higher Compression Performance, you Can Choose 2.2g /cm³ Density.

Teflex Can Provide a Width of 5.8 Mm to 4.7mm, a Thickness of 0.5 Mm, and Can Also Be Customized According to Customer Needs.


  • pH: 0 to 14

  • Shape: Flat

  • Width: 3.0 to 7.2mm

  • Thickness: 0.5 to 0.7mm

  • Temperature°C: -200 to + 250 


  • Chemical Resistance | Contact Food 

  • Resistance Low & High Temperature


  • Pipe, Valve, Flange, Pump Ect.

  • Food & Pharmaceutical Industry


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