R Type
  • Spiral Wound Gasket Type R

R Type

Spiral Wound Gasket Type R is Without Inner & Outer Ring, We can Oval & Oblong Shape For Boilers Handhole And Manholes.

Type: Basic
Shape: Oval & Oblong
Material: SS | FG
Certificate: 3.1
Custom Made: As Drawing
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Spiral Wound Gasket type r is withour inner & outer rin, it is formed of V-shaped winding material and gasket filler the material of flexible graphite, mica, non-asbestos, PTFE. Spiral wound gasket style r different material such as, SS304, 316L, 347 etc. 


  • Pipe, Valve, Pump, Thermal Exchange, Condensing Motorcycle,
  • Auto Vent-pipe, Tower, Flat Face Flange, Heat Exchanger


  • Natural Gas & Power Generation
  • Hydrocarbon Processing & Refining
  • Petrochemical Processing, Chemical Processing
  • Oil And Gas Industries,  Pulp & Paper

Spiral Wound Gasket Winding Material Color Code: 

  • Gasket Hoop
Winding Material Max Temperature Colour
SS304 650°C Yellow
SS316L 800°C Green
SS347 870°C Blue
SS321 870°C Turquoise
Monel400 800°C Orange
Inconel 600 1000°C Gold
Inconel 625 1000°C Gold
Inconel 800 1000°C White
Inconel 825 1000°C White
Titanium 540°C Purple
  • Gasket Filler
Filler Material Max Temperature Colour
Graphite 550°C Grey
PTFE 260°C White
Mica 1000°C Light Green

Spiral Gasket Data Sheet:

  • Standard: ASME B 16.20 | EN 1514-2 | DN2690 | JIS
  • Acceptable Spiral Wound Gasket Non-Standard as Drawing 
  • Oval & Oblong for Boilers Handholes and Manholes.
  • Temperature Rating: depending on metal and filler material
  • Pressure Rating:

          ASME B16.20 & 16.47 Series A and B: 150/300/600/900# etc

          DIN 1514 -2 PN10/16/32/40/64/100/160/250/320/400

          JIS 5K/10K/16K/20K/30K

  • Thickness: Filler: 4.5mm 

          Custome Made as your Drawing

  • Marking:

          Your Logo or Teflex Gasket

  • Package: - 1/2" ~ 10" 50Pcs 
  • Material Inspection: Hand-held PMI Test 

SPW Gasket Exporting Countries:

  • India | Malaysia | Singapore
  • UAE | Philippines | Kuwait

Teflex will send the 3.1 certificate by mail when the spiral wound gasket finished,  

also inform you of the packing list with weight, volume & packages for your transport.

Inquiry Example for Your Check:

Size Class Basic Material Qty
2" 150 316L/FG 200
4" 300 304/FG 180
6" 600 316L/PTFE 160
8" 900 304/PTFE 140
10" 1500 304/FG/PTFE 120
12" 2500 316L/Mica/PTFE 100


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