PTFE Gasket
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PTFE Gasket

Expanded | Reinforced | Virgin PTFE Gasket RF & FF

Types: Raised Face & Full Face Gasket
Max Size: Whole OD 2M
Material: Virgin | Modified | Expanded
Custom Made: As Drawing
Certificate: FDA | RoHS2.0 | MSDS
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Teflex is One of Expanded PTFEFilled PTFE & Virgin PTFE Gasket Manufactures in China. Pure PTFE Gaskets Are Made 100% Virgin PTFE Material. We Choose To Laser Cutting and Die Cutting RF & FF Gasket and Make Sure Meets All of Customers Requirements and Tolerance as well as The Excellent Delivery Time. PTFE Gasket Temperature Range from -260°C to +260°C.

About RF Gasket PTFE

Raised Face Gasket is The Common Type As Usual. It Surfaces are Raised Above The Bolting Circle Face. And This Face Type Designs For Kinds Of Gasket Such As Spiral Wound Gasket, Ring Joint Gasket, Non-Asbestos Gasket And More.

About FF Gasket PTFE

PTFE Full Face Gasket is made 100% Pure PTFE Gasket Material. Bolt Circle Diameter, Hole Diameter, And Bolt Holes Are Made From Laser Cutting Or Die Cutting As Custom Drawing As Well As Ensure The Excellent Quality Meets All Of ASME B16.21, DIN2690, JIS Standard.

Full Face Gasket Has A Flange Surface In The Same Level As The Bolting Circle Face, And Bolts Pass-Through Holes For The Fixation, Also It Good To Locate It On The Flange As Well As Quick Installation.


  • Food Grade Gasket
  • Low Friction Property
  • Highest Physical and Electrical Insulation Properties
  • Exhibiting Extreme Resistance Chemical and Solvents
  • Approved FDA, RoHS & REACH

PTFE Gasket Specification

  •  pH:0-14
  • Color: White
  • Types of PTFE Gasket:

        Full Face & Raised Face Flange Gasket

  • PTFE Gasket Pressure Rating: ≤10Mpa
  • Density:2.2±0.1g/cm³
  • Material : 100% Virgin PTFE
  • Temperature Range: -260°C to +260°C
  • Standard: ASME B16.21 | DIN 11851 | EN 1514 | DIN 2691

PTFE Gasket Application & Uses

  • Liquid Cryogenics
  • Industrial Applications
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Petrochemical & Chemical
  • Semi-Conductor Industry
  • Beverage & Pharmaceutical

Pure PTFE Gasket Normal Size:

Item Size QTY/Pcs
1 3mm PTFE Gasket 15
2 3/4" PTFE Gasket 30
3 1" PTFE Gasket 15
4 10" PTFE Gasket 30
5 2" PTFE Gasket 15
6 4" PTFE Gasket 30
7 4 inch PTFE Gasket 15

Teflex Also Provide Expanded PTFE Ring Gasket, Filled PTFE Gasket, EDPM PTFE Gasket, Custom Made. Any Request, Please Contact With Us In Advance.


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