PTFE Backed Diaper Membrane
  • Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane

PTFE Backed Diaper Membrane

For Adult And Children'S Diapers, Women'S Sanitary Napkin Backsheet Membrane

Support Material: PP
Membrane Materials: ePTFE
Hydrophobic: Yes
Applications: Children & Adult Diapers
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PTFE Membrane is A New Filtration Composite Backed Membrane Material, Excellent Internal Microporous Structure Breathability, Pore Size Is Larger Than Water Molecules And Smaller Than Air Molecules, Excellent Internal Microporous Structure Breathability, Improves The Accelerated Flow Of Gas & Prevents The Liquid Outflow. Better Mechanical And Processing Characteristics After Composite with PP.


  • Children's Diapers & Pull-Ups

  • Women's Sanitary Napkin 

  • Adult Incontinence Products


  • Soft Texture

  • Lightweight

  • Excellent Waterproof

  • Non-Toxic & Irritating

  • Superior Breathability


  • Skin-Friendly

  • Affordable Price

  • Not Easily Breakable

  • Keep Long-Term Dryness

  • Lightweight And Comfortable

ePFE VS PE Backsheet Diapers Membrane

Materials Gram Weight Hydrostatic Pressure Waterproof Moisture Permeability Breathability
PE 25G <400mm Normal <2500G/M²/24H 0
 ePTFE+PP  14/20G >800mm Superior >12000G/M²/24H  >15L/M²/S

Data Sheet

Standard GB/T4744-2013 & GB/T12704.2-2009

Item Unit Test Data
Hydrostatic Pressure mmH2O 800±100
Moisture Permeability g/m² * 24h 12000
Breathability mm/s (127Pa) 15±2
RET Value % ≤3
Tensile Strength N Longitudinal ≥30
Transverse ≥15
Elongation % Longitudinal 60
Transverse 60
Washability mmH2O 8000
Times 25

Teflex In Order To Better Serve Our Customers' Different Application Request For PTFE Membrane, Teflex Provide Air & Dust Filtration Membrane, Outdoor Clothing Membrane & Automotive Membrane Lights For Your Reference.


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