Expanded PTFE Tube
  • porous ptfe tubing China

Expanded PTFE Tube

Technology: Expanded PTFE
Certificates: FDA | RoHS | EU1935-2004
Noraml Sizes: OD ϕ 4.0 from OD ϕ72
Advantages: Long Operation Life
Water Treatment: Medical | Industrial Sewage
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Teflex Porous PTFE Tubing is One of PTFE Microfiltration Membrane Filter Made by Simple ePTFE Material, Non-toxic, with High-temperature Resistance, Corrosion Resistance and Chemical Resistance, Without Precipitation, Seamless, with Billions of Micropores in the Wall, Along with Surface Smooth and Superhydrophobic Properties( After Special Hydrophilic Modification.

PTFE Membranous Tube Could Be Hydrophilic) and Great Longitudinal and Transverse Tensile Strength. Normally Used Between -190℃ and 250℃


  • Microfiltration Membrane

  • Material: Expanded PTFE 

  • Color: White

  • ePTFE Tube Thickness

           1. Thick | Thin Wall

           2. Custom Made

  • Pore Size Range: 0.1-0.2um

Wastewater Treatment Application

  • Electroplating Industry 

  • Seawater Desalination

  • Sulfuric Acid & Heavy Metal 

  • Printed Circuit Board Copper

  • Domestic & Industrial Sewage

  • Mine & Sludge & Oilfield Injection


  • Low Dielectric Constant

  • Excellent UV Resistance

  • Excellent Radial Expansion

  • Microporous | Air-permeable 

  • Hydrophobic | Soft & Flexible 


  • New Generation Filter 

  • Long Operation Life 

  • Chemical Resistance 

  • At Low-Pressure Watertight


  • Low Cost & Save Time

  • Easy Install & Transport

  • Custom Sizes As Application

Porous Soft PTFE Tubing Membrane

ϕ4.0*ϕ2.0 ϕ5.0*ϕ3.0
ϕ6.0*ϕ4.0 ϕ8.0*ϕ7.0
ϕ10.0*ϕ6.0 ϕ10.0*ϕ8.0
ϕ12.0*ϕ10.0 ϕ13.0*ϕ11.0
ϕ13.5*ϕ11.8 ϕ14.0*ϕ12.0
ϕ15.0*ϕ12.0 ϕ15.0*ϕ13.0
ϕ16.0*ϕ13.0 ϕ16.0*ϕ14.4
ϕ17.0*ϕ15.0 ϕ18.0*ϕ14.0
ϕ18.0*ϕ16.0 ϕ24.0*ϕ20.0
ϕ26.0*ϕ22.0 ϕ45.0*ϕ39.0
ϕ60.0*ϕ56.0 ϕ72.0*ϕ68.0

Porous ePTFE For Semiconductor

ϕ13.35*ϕ7.35 ϕ15.0*ϕ9
ϕ16.52*ϕ10.52 ϕ19.7*ϕ13.7
ϕ26.0*ϕ20.0 ϕ32.0*ϕ26.0



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