PTFE Membrane

PTFE Membrane

PTFE Membrane Is Reusable Face Mask New Material & Replace MeltBlown Nonwoven For N99, N95 Mask, Medical Masks, Surgical Mask. BEF≥99% & PFE≥95% Filter Efficiency Level. Also New Material For Medical Protective Clothing.

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If You Looking For Better or Best Alternative Solution About PP Meltblown Nonwovens. Nano PTFE Membrane is New Generation Air Filter Material. PTFE Membrane is Physical Filtration, Bleach Wash, Reusable And Higher Filtration BFE & PFE.It Best Replace PP MeltBlown NonWoven Fabric Middle Part For Mask Basic Material.PTFE Membrane Made Of Nano PTFE Microporous Material By Multidirection Tensile Technology & Make The Mask With High Tensile Strength. Also Nano PTFE Filter With Micropore Structure, Small Pore Size, High Porosity, And Irregular Permutation. The Efficiency For Diameter 0.3um Particulate Can Above 95%. This Nano Material With Excellent Performance To Block PM2.5 Particulate, Dust Mite, Virus & Bacteria. The PTFE Filtration Membrane With A Wide Application, Such As N99, N95, KF94, FFP3 Mask, Medical Masks, Medical Cloth, Air Purifier, Air Conditioner, Outdoor Jacket, Gloves, Sleeping Bag Etc. PTFE Membrane Has A 100% Fluoropolymer Coating That’s Chemical And Fire-resistant As Well As Water And Uv-resistant. After Laminated With Non-Woven Fabric(PET/PE/PP), It Is Also Extremely Flexible And High Strength Without Worrying About Cracking.Teflex not only produce new high filter mask material but also supply MeltBlown Nonwoven For N95, FFP2, Disposable Face Mask with FDA & CE For USA & EU Market.


  • Pharmaceutical

  • Biochemical

  • Microelectronics

  • Laboratory & Hospital 

  • Chemical & Semiconductor

Width: 175mm (Surgical Mask )& 260mm (N95 mask)


  • New Generation Filter Material | BEF≥99% & PFE≥95%

  • 1 layer 20GSM ≥ Meltblown 2 x 25 GSM For N95 | FPP2 Filter Efficiency

  • Physical Filter Not Electret Filter | Save Time & Improve Capacity

  • Bleach Wash | Reusable Material | Low Cost | Long Lifetime


  • Nano-PTFE With Spunbond 2ply

  • Nano-PTFE Filter Material At 5000 Times By Electron Microscope

Comparison Of Nano-PTFE filter Material With The Virus, PM2.5, Pollen, Hair

Data Sheet:

Item Unit Data
Width mm 100-1600
GW g/m² 20-50
Pressure Drop Pa ≤100
Filter Efficiency % ≥95
DOP Um 0.3

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