PTFE Self Lubricated Tape

PTFE Self Lubricated Tape

Filled PTFE Carbon, Fiberglass, Graphite, PI, MoS2

Material: Graphite | MoS2 | PI | Bronze
Application: Slide | Rotate | Reciprocate
Feature: Chemically Inert | Resist Temper.
Customizable: Equipment Working Environment
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Teflex Filled PTFE Self-Lubricatef Lined Tape Has Outstanding Low Friction, Excellent Chemical Inertness, and Resist High Temperature And Insulation. Modified Graphite, Carbon, Mos2, PI, and Bronze Materials To Meet Your Oil-Free/Self-Lubricating Bearings in Different Working Environments & High Applications Fields


  • Lightweight

  • High Durability

  • Resist Heat | Insulation

  • Wide Temperature Range

  • Resist Abrasion | Corrosion

  • Self-lubricating | Low friction


  • Reduced Maintenance

  • Extended Parts Life Cycle

  • Control Total Cost Effective

  • Decrease Equipment Downtime


  • Complex Applications

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs

  • Reduce Energy Consumption

  • Working in Corrosion & Condition


  • Oil & Gas Industry

  • Automobile Industry

  • Aerospace Industry

  • Architecture Industry

  • Food & Beverage Industry


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