PTFE Vee Packing
  • PTFE Vee Packing Ring

PTFE Vee Packing

Material: Virgin & Filled PTFE
Application: Hydraulic System Seals
Temperature: -250°C to +250°C
Custom: As Drawing
Certificate: FDA | RoHS | MSDS
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As a General Material in Vee Packing, the Excellent Corrosion Resistance of PTFE is Suitable for Low-medium Pressure and Strong Sulfuric Acid, Etc. As Well As the Superior Wear Resistance and Ultra-low Self-lubrication Extend the Life of the Equipment and Improve Production Efficiency. Teflex produce Filled PTFE V Packing Seals As Your Request.


  • Low Coefficient of Friction 

  • Wide Range of Temperatures

  • Self-lubricating | Wear Resistant

  • Excellent Resist Corrosion & Chemical 



  • PTFE

  • Filled PTFE

    Carbon | Graphite


  • Virgin PTFE White

  • Graphite Filled Black

pH: 0-14

Density: 2.2g/cm³

Custom: As Drawing

Certificate: FDA | RoHS | MSDS

Temperature -250°C to +250°C


  • Media

  1. Hydrocarbons 

  2. Air | Acids |Steam

  3. Alkalies | Ketones

  4. Phosphate Esters

  5. Water Glycol | Water in Oil

  • Equipment

  1. Hydraulic Cylinder | Pump | Brake

  2. Hydraulic System & Components

  3. Reciprocating & Gas Compressors 

Teflex also can supply the PTFE Piston Ring, Lantern Ring & Gland Packing


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