Trackless Cables Jacket

Trackless Cables Jacket

China ePTFE Self-Supporting Trackless Cable Solution.
For Cleanroom, Semiconductor, Medical Device, Display Industries.

Material: Expanded PTFE
Application: Medical | Semiconductor | Cleanroom
Advantage: Keep Lowest Particulation Level
Custom: 1-4 Hole or As Request
Feature: Flexible | Low Friction | Insulation
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Teflex Anti-Static PTFE Trackless Cables Jacket is Specially Designed and Produced Based on Expanded PTFE. ePTFE is an Extremely Flexible Material, Making The Jacket Maintain a Stable Shape During Use and Protecting the Cables and Pipes From Damage.

ePTFE Low Participation Jacket Low Friction Properties, Effectively Reducing the Production of Particles During Operation. Application For Use Such As Cleanrooms, Linear Motion, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Ensuring Equipment Stability & Reliability.


  • Flat Construction

  • Resist High-Temperature

  • Insulation & Flame Retardant

  • Extreme Flexible & Lightweight

  • Low-Friction & Chemical Inertness


  • Decrease Downtime

  • Maintenance & Repair Cost

  • Stable Signal Transmission

  • Eliminates Vibration & Noise

  • Reduce Cable System Weight


  • Displays

  • Cleanroom

  • Medical Device

  • Semiconductor

  • Automation Device


  • Reduce Cable System Weight

  • Reliability Bending Performance

  • Protect & Extend Cable Lifetime 

  • Keep the Lowest Particulate Levels

  • Absorb Weight & Stress in Operation 


  • Manufacturing Processes

  • Electronic Packaging Equipment

  • Highly-Sensitive ESD Equipment

  • Thermocompression Bonding Equipment

By the way, Teflex can Customize Trackless Cable Jackets According To Your Requirements. Currently, We Offer 1 to 4 Hole Types For You To Choose.


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