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PTFE Piston Ring

Custom: As Drawing
Material: PTFE With Carbon | Graphite | Bronze
Certificate: FDA | RoHS | MSDS
Application: Oil Free Air Compressor | Pump
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Teflex PTFE Piston Rings Are Used in Food Processing Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Low Lubrication Compressors, Gas Rotary Pumps & Other Equipment. Pure PTFE Piston Ring is Mainly Used in the Conventional Working Conditions.

Modified PTFE Material Piston Ring Harsh Working Environment, As Piston Rings Manufacturer, Teflex Can Supply All Types to Reach Customer Request


  • pH 0-14

  • 100% Virgin PTFE

  • CarbonGraphite | Bronze

  • Temperature -250°C to +250°C


  • Low Friction | Long Life

  • Self-Lubrication & Self-Cleaning

  • Resistant Low & High Temperature 

  • Corrosion & Chemical Resistance


  • Steering Columns

  • Cryogenic Pumps

  • Gas Compressors 

  • Servo Control Valves

  • Oilless Air Compressor


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