PTFE Filter Membrane
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PTFE Filter Membrane

Membrane Materials:
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Teflex PTFE Microporous Filter Membranes Are Produced by Multi-directional Stretching Process and Include ePTFE Membrane and ePTFE Tubes.

ePTFE Membrane is Used for Gas and Liquid Filtration and is Divided into Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic PTFE Membranes according to Different Industry Applications.

Both Membranes Can Be Laminated with Other Fabric Materials Including PP, PET, Glassfiber, Etc. to Improve Filtration Efficiency, Extend Service Life and Reduce Cost. ePTFE Tubing for Water Treatment, Automotive Exhaust Applications, Etc.


PTFE Hydrophobic

  • Excellent Hydrophobicity

  • Effective Air Permeability

  • High Porosity and Flow Rate

  • Chemical and Heat Resistance

  • Good Mechanical Properties

PTFE Hydrophilic

  • Strong Hydrophilicity

  • Hydrophilic Stability

  • Good Mechanical Properties

  • Great Anti-pollution Properties

  • Excellent Chemical Resistance

  • Widely Temperature Resistance

  • Strong Resistance to Acids & Alkalis


PTFE Hydrophobic Membrane

  • Gas Filtration and Analysis

  • Organic Solvent Filtration

  • Semiconductor Industry

  • Strong Corrosive Chemical Filtration

Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Food and Beverage Industry

  • Water Treatment and Chemical Industry

  • Filtration Strong Acid & Alkali Chemicals


Item Unit Result
Pore Size um 0.2-100
Tensile Strength Mpa 10
Porosity % 70-80
Temperature °C from -50 to 250

Normal Size

Sheet Roll Width/mm 200-1000
Thickness/mm 0.08-0.3
length/M Max 100M
Square Width/mm 500-1000
Thickness/mm 0.1-0.5
Round Width/mm 500-1000
Thickness/mm 0.1-0.5

Teflex Manufacturing Custom PTFE Filter Membrane Pore Size, Porosity, Thickness for Different Operation Environment. ePTFE Dust & Air Fliter Membrane, PTFE Adhesive Vents, ePTFE Outdoor Waterproof & Breathable Fabric Membrane, ePTFE Diaper Backsheet Membrane.


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