Non-asbestos Sheet Why Use Non-asbestos Gasket Material? Asbestos Gasket Sheet Is Widely Known To Have Excellent Heat And Fire Resistance Properties And Is Also An Effective Insulator. Hence, The Asbestos Gasket Is Popular In Many Industries Especially The Construction Industry. In the 1980s, A National Ban On Asbestos In Australia Was Implemented Due To Its Carcinogenic Nature. Asbestos Is Extremely Fibrous And The Tiny Fibers Are Easily Inhaled Where They Can Be Trapped In The Lungs, Increasing The Risk Of Lung, Ovary, Larynx And Mesothelioma Cancers. Non-asbestos Sheet Products Are Then Developed And Introduced To Replace The Demand Of The Dangerous Material. Teflex Non-Asbestos Gasket Sheet Is High Temp Gasket Material, Which Performs The Same Function As Asbestos But Without The Corresponding Danger To Human Health. The Compressed Non-asbestos Sheet Is A Material Combining Synthetic Fibers And Elastomeric Binder. The Fibers Used To Give The Sheet Its Sealing Characteristics And Properties While The Binder Contributes To Its Elasticity And Flexibility. Teflex Non-asbestos Sheets Are Made From Various Combinations Of Fibers And Binders Such As Natural Rubber, Kevlar Fiber, Filling Materials, And Dye. These Materials Are Then Compressed And Calendered Under High Temperature And Pressure Into Sheets. Products Such As Gaskets Are Then Fabricated By Punching Through These Non-asbestos Sheets Which Are Much Safer To Be Used Compared To The Materials Containing Asbestos. Our Compressed Non-asbestos Sheets Come With Various Properties, Providing A Great Variety Of Options That Would Suit Your Needs: Resistance To Hot Water, Steam, Oil, And Solvents, Anti-stick Properties, Good Ability To Seal, Chemical Resistance, High Heat Resistance, High Torque Retention, Creep Resistance, Etc. CNAF Gaskets FF & RF Type Made From Compressed Non-asbestos Sheets As Asmeb 16.20, DIN & JIS, Also Teflex Can Custom Made As Drawing Round & Square. And The Applications Involving Steam, Air, Water, Acids, Oils, And General Chemicals. Our Compressed Non-asbestos Material Is Suitable For Many Major Industries : Oil And Gas, Petrochemical Industry, Chemical Processing, Process Industry Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical Contact Us At Info@teflexgasket To Find Out More About Non-asbestos Sheet & Gasket.